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M Dining's To-Go Program

Grab a meal on-the-go with M Dining's To-Go program! Now, you can use your meal plan for a carry out meal from your favorite residential restaurant. Just bring your U Card to the cashier at any residential restaurant for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or late night, use a meal swipe (or cash or FlexDine!), and enjoy a hot meal on the run!

How does it work?

  1. Pick up your To-Go container.
    1. First year residential students are provided a complimentary To-Go box in the fall.
    2. Non-first year residential students, faculty and staff may also participate in the To-Go program by purchasing a container for $4.00. This fee is non-refundable and covers the cost of the container.
  2. Swipe your U Card for a meal.
  3. Receive receipt (and hang on to it – you need it to leave the residential restaurant!)
  4. Fill your To-Go Container with tasty foods!
  5. Return your receipt to the greeter before you leave the residential restaurant.
  6. Eat!
  7. Rinse your To-Go container and return it to one of the six residential restaurants on campus in Bailey, Middlebrook, Centennial, Comstock, Sanford, or 17th Ave Hall.
  8. After returning, you have 2 options:
    1. Take another clean To-Go Container
    2. Take a carabiner to exchange for another reusable To-Go container when you’re ready to carry out again!
  9. If you misplace your To-Go container or carabiner, you can purchase another for $4.


Weekly meal plan holders (on the 11 or 14 meals per week plans) are allowed to use the To-Go Program one time per day. Anytime Dining meal plan holders are allowed to utilize the To-Go Program up to three times per day.

No! You can pay for the reusable To-Go container ($4) with cash and pay for your To-Go meals at individual door rates at any of the six residential restaurants ($8.75 for breakfast, $9.95 for lunch/brunch, $10.95 for dinner/late night).

No. Our reusable container is required to participate in the M Dining To-Go meal program.

To-Go users are required to return the receipt to the greeter before leaving the residential restaurant. If the receipt is not returned, an additional meal swipe may be charged to the user.

Why To-Go?

It’s Convenient!

Busy day? Never miss a meal again! With the University of Minnesota Dining Services To-Go program, you can stop in with a meal swipe and take five minutes to fill up on your favorite foods while you’re on the way to a study session or class.

It’s Easy!

Let us take care of the cooking and cleaning - when you’re done, bring your rinsed reusable To-Go Container to your closest residential restaurant and we’ll replace it with a clean one.

It’s Sustainable!

Ditch the styrofoam containers and stick to our BPA-free, dishwasher-safe To-Go Containers! Not only are they reusable, they’re recyclable (#5) and even microwave-safe.

More Information:

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