University Dining Services


Green Cleaning Chemicals

Maintaining a healthy and safe environment is a fundamental aspect in providing service to the University community. In 2012, UDS began using environmentally responsible Green Seal-certified floor, glass and all-purpose cleaners. These products provide a healthier environment for all, minimize environmental damage and reduce water and pollution potential.

The Power of Blue Cleaning

UDS uses eco-friendly Blue Cleaning equipment in dining areas. ActiveION Ionators change regular tap water, through an electrical charge, into a powerful cleaning agent that replaces general-purpose cleaners. The Blue Cleaning liquid is 99.9% effective in killing and eliminating dirt from dining room surfaces while diverting chemicals from the waste stream and providing a safe environment for employees and customers.

UDS Partners

Products purchased within University Dining Services have a significant impact on the health, culture, environment and economy. We work to support our community by purchasing products and services from women and minority-owned businesses. Here are a few of our partners:

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UDS Green Fact

Whenever possible, we use soy-based inks in our marketing materials because it's easier to recycle the paper we print on and it's more environmentally friendly.