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Work-related FAQs

Welcome to the University of Minnesota Jobs FAQ page. Here, you can find answers to the employment questions University of Minnesota Dining Services is most often asked by our current & potential employees. If you have additional questions that are not listed here, please contact the University of Minnesota Dining Services at 612-625-7543 or

Looking For a Job

(Click on the area that interests you for a description of available jobs)

All current job postings can be found on the U of M employment website:

Qualified applicants will be invited for an interview for the positions.

The University of Minnesota Dininge Services Job Office is located in Coffman Union near Jamba Juice in Room 103B.

No, interested candidates will apply online first. Your application will be reviewed and you may be contacted for an interview. Based on your qualifications and availability, we will work to find an appropriate opening.

It will take approximately 10-15 minutes to fill out the necessary paperwork once you are hired for a position. However, you should expect to be in the Job Office for approximately 30-45 minutes after being hired, for a review of policy materials.

Most positions do not require previous experience. Cashier/Greeter positions typically require customer service experience and/or passing the cashier quiz. Production, Jamba Juice, Burger Studio, and various other positions require food service experience. Starbuck's positions require previous coffee making experience.

Items to bring with you while applying for a job include:

  • Schedule
  • Photo ID and Social Security card or birth certificate, OR passport
  • If you are an international student, please follow the procedures listed in the "International Students" FAQ section below.

Email the University of Minnesota Dining Services Job Office at to make an appointment.

During the Job

Go to the University of Minnesota Dining Services Job Office and fill out an availability sheet, and we will see what is open during your times available to work and contact you.

You must contact your manager at least two hours prior to your shift if you are going to be absent or late. It is at your manager's discretion whether the absence is excused.

You need to wear your job uniform (provided at the Job Office), to be clean shaven, to have your hair neatly pulled back. You will need to provide plain black dress and black slip resistant closed toe/closed heel shoes. The black pants cannot be jeans or track pants. The shirt will need to be tucked into your pants.

If you need to change/not able to manage your work shift, talk to your manager to give a two week notice. Failure to give proper notice could lead to termination and losing eligibility for future re-hire with University of Minnesota Dining Services. If you resign or drop a shift in the last four weeks of a semester, you will not be eligible for re-hire within University of Minnesota Dining Services.

International Students

Step 1:

Have the University of Minnesota Dining Services Office fill out Section 1 on the Verification Letter.

Step 2:

Go to the ISSS Office to get Section 2 of the Verification Letter signed.

Step 3:

Bring the Signed Verification Letter, Passport, and Visas, to the Social Security Administration Office. They will provide a receipt once you submit your form.

Step 4:

Contact the University of Minnesota Job Center at the West Bank Office Building (5th floor front desk, 1300 South Second Street, Minneapolis, MN 55415) to schedule an appointment. You will need to bring: the University of Minnesota Dining Services Verification Letter , the Receipt from the Social Security Office, an Unexpired Passport, I-94 Card, I-20A form, I-668B form, or IAP 66 form.

Step 5:

The Job Center will provide you with a Work Authorization Form for your empoyment with University of Minnesota Dining Services. You need to turn in the form within 3 days to the University of Minnesota Dining Services Job Office.

Step 6:

Once your Social Security Card is mailed to you, please bring the card to the University of Minnesota Dining Services Job Office.


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