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1851 Heritage Catering FAQs

As always, our commitment to you includes offering the simplest solutions for your every event need. This often includes providing you with basic information about working with 1851 Heritage Catering.

These are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive, which you can now find in one location!

Click on a question below to learn more. If you have more questions or if you would like a more detailed response, we are always available to answer anything and everything. Please contact us at 612-624-7173 or

You may request a hard copy of our menu, the “Catering Event Guide,” by calling 1851 Heritage Catering at 612-624-7173. In addition, you can see the menu in its entirety (and print a copy for you to keep!) on the 1851 Heritage Catering Menus page. We have several menus from which to choose.

1851 Heritage Catering was created and built to serve the University’s every need. That being said, any student, faculty member or staff can use our catering services on AND off campus. Additionally, any group hosting an event on campus or at a University facility may use 1851 Heritage Catering.

Of course, we would love it if you could contact us as soon as you are aware of your catering needs. We understand, however, that this can’t always happen. Last minute orders, late approvals for events and catering budgets and other factors all play into your ability to plan and contract our catering services.

We would like to share, though, that larger orders require more planning on our part. In general, we ask that banquets and events of that size and nature should book with us at least two (2) weeks in advance. Coffee breaks, boxed lunches and events of that size and nature may be booked three (3) to five (5) days (or more) in advance. It’s never too early to book an event!

Our 1851 Heritage Catering representatives and coordinators are real professionals, planning hundreds and thousands of events each and every school year. We would be happy to help you determine how much you might need without going overboard or over budget also while making sure that everyone at your event is well fed and totally satisfied.

1851 Heritage Catering accepts all major credit cards, University of Minnesota EFS account numbers and checks (though some restrictions may apply).

Potentially! Our needs often fluctuate, so the best place to see job listings and openings is right on our employment page.

Absolutely! We welcome the opportunity to plan a unique menu for university events and events on campus. Our renowned chef and his culinary team are quite skilled in menu creation and would be happy to offer you a variety of creative, delectable selections for your event.

We offer a variety of sustainable options, mainly because we follow the same beliefs as the university — minimize waste and decrease our ecological footprint. We have a number of creative, delicious, sustainable menu options made from locally grown ingredients and presented with compostable tableware. In fact, our professional team would love to talk with you about each of those amazing menus and options. Please contact us with that question!

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